Friday, April 27, 2012

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! C&D Emergency Alert

This is a full-scale emergency alert, brought to you by the Chicks & Dicks Emergency Alert System

Please take the time to read the special re-blogged message from Katey Hawthorne. It's important that the word gets out. 

 Loose Id editor Raven McKnight needs your help.

Thanks for checking out the "For Raven" campaign.


First off, I'm Katey Hawthorne, author of LGBTQ romance. I was pulled out of the slush pile by a wonderful editor, now a friend, called Raven McKnight. Raven has long been a fundamental part of the LGBTQ romance community from an acquisitions and editorial point of view. She's discovered and/or edited a huge amount of authors, many of them beloved. She was also instrumental in making m/m romance more widely available--for example, in bringing it to Loose Id. (Treva's March 13th post on C&D.)

Raven has for some years had grave health concerns, and yet remains a prolific editor and, all who know her will agree, force to be reckoned with. In this day and age in the US, smallish health problems can easily wreck a person's financial security; large ones can do much worse. Raven is currently being denied absolutely necessary, doctor prescribed medications by her insurance--and they're threatening worse. She can fight it, but she'd have to be able to sit upright for more than fifteen minutes at a time to do so. A few simple meds can get her there.

What We Need & What You Get

We've set a modest goal of $800, which will cover the most basic medications for a few months and allow Raven to not only put up a fight, but to, well, breathe. Every single dollar raised will go directly to the cost of doctor-prescribed meds and treatments.

The first perk is massive: for just a $1 donation, you'll be entered into a drawing for a huge pile of m/m romance eBooks from authors Raven has edited, and in many cases also shepherded and befriended. The list is growing, so keep checking it out here.

For $5 you'll get an entry into the big giveaway, plus a free, special edition m/m erotic romance (fantasy!) eBook from Katey Hawthorne, Fairy Compacts #2: Life as a Fairy Thrall. This will be a sequel to The Dangers of Fairy Compacts, written for the goodreads m/m romance group's Love is Always Write event, available entirely for free this summer both at the group and as a free eBook on my site.

Your Life as a Fairy Thrall eBook will be sent to you this August, before it's available for sale anywhere, and will include super-hot illustrations that you won't find in the later version.

For $10 you get an entry, plus special illustrated eBook editions of both Life as a Fairy Thrall and the final installment, Fairy Compacts #3: Fairy Bound. This final installment will be sent to you in October, again, before it's available elsewhere, and the illustration will be exclusive to this edition.

For $15 and up, you get all that, plus an entry into another drawing, this time for a pile of print books by Raven Authors--the list is constantly updated here.

For $20 and up, you get two entries into each giveaway, plus everything else!

The Impact

Let's face it, our healthcare system isn't so great. By contributing to this, you will have a direct effect on a hardworking, visionary, kickass woman whose life is hounded by its inadequacies with every heartbeat.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please, get the word out. The romance community is wonderful, kind, and caring. Spread the news of this campaign to your friends both within and without the community and help us make a difference for one of our own.

<3 Katey


  1. Gah thank you so, so much for the signal boost, Anne! <3

  2. Oops, forgot. Link to the campaign!

  3. Hi, Katey. I think our health system is actually a very good one compared to the rest of the world, but i do agree that manage care causes a lot of problems for a lot of people. I'm very happy to help. Will spread the word as well.

    Good luck and my best to Raven.


  4. No problem, Katey...uhh, sorta forget to warn you this was going up.

    Give me a few and I'll add the campaign link to the main post.

  5. Ssssssssseriously, JM. I'll take it over most, that's for damn sure. But yeah. Get the wrong person in your particular chain and... bam. Same as any system.

    Thanks a bunch Anne <3

    1. Katey - gotcha. It can be a pain, in more ways than one. 8-(

      Good luck on this worthy project!

  6. Good luck and best to Raven.