Friday, April 13, 2012

GFY-It Cannot Be Denied... by Jet Mykles

My significant other doesn’t like stage musicals. I love them. He says it doesn’t make sense how a play would be going along, everything normal, then all of a sudden, they break into song. He says it’s ridiculous. I say that it’s wondrous that everything would be going along, everything normal, then for some compelling reason, they have to break into song. Emotions are so extreme that mere spoken words can’t convey the full meaning. The music cannot be denied. He says the ones where they sing all the time make much more sense because that’s just the way things are normally. While I love the ones where they sing all the time, I have to say I prefer the classic stage musical where it’s a play with songs stuck in at key points. He says they’re ridiculous. I have to say that I agree with him somewhat on that point, but it’s a wonderful ridiculous.
Gay For You (GFY) is kind of the same thing for me. It’s a wonderful bit of ridiculousness. Does it happen in real life? Sure. Does it happen the way I write it? Almost definitely not. To be perfectly honest, I’m not writing about real people, even when I write about men with women. I’m writing about my people. The ones who plague my thoughts and won’t shut up. The ones who are so beautiful or funny or clueless that I can’t stop thinking about them. Do I try and make them realistic when I write about them? Sure. But do I let that stop me writing about terrifically flamboyant people? No way. The realism serves as a base, a comparison for just how wonderful they really are.
I love to picture some man who thinks his world is fine, who thinks he’s one thing, who then meets another man who rocks his world. The same could happen if he met a woman, but how much more would it throw him to realize that his one, true other is another guy? That’s not the way he was raised. That’s not what he was taught to believe. He’s probably okay with homosexuality, but he’s never applied it to himself. It’s not the way he thinks he wants to be seen. Why would he? But the attraction for this other man simply cannot be denied.
My heroes from Heaven Sent are picture perfect examples of the kind of men that I mean. Johnnie Heaven is simply too gorgeous and larger than life. He’s comfortable in his own skin, knows what he wants and knows how to use what he is to get it. Lucas Sloan is seductive and sly. He’s never had a problem seducing people into doing what he wants. Heller Witting seems atypical at first, until you get to know him. He may be small, effeminate and wear a lot of makeup, but he’s just as commanding and sure of himself as either Luc or Johnnie. He, too, knows how to use what he is to get what he wants. In the last book, I’ve actually got two examples going head-to-head. Darien is breezy and easy with life, but it turns out that he’s just as conniving once he’s set his sights on Chris. And Chris? How could Darien not fall for the cool, suave lawyer who turns out to be a demon in bed? Any one of those guys is simply too much for the men who fall for them. The attraction -- as well as these headstrong men -- cannot be denied.
Cannot Be Denied. It’s the essence of Gay For You to me. Actually, it’s the essence of romance to me, but it is so well illustrated in Gay For You. Here’s our hero who comes across this person who he didn’t think he should or even could be attracted to, and now he’s hopelessly in love. What can he do but flounder? Running away or denial only brings heartache and mishap. Only by giving in to what is right and true will he be happy. Also, along the way he gets to discover all sorts of delights. New experiences are open to him, the best ones sexual, of course. (Okay, I admit it, I’m pervy. I doubt that’s any surprise)
I’m well aware that a lot of what I write isn’t possible or even probable. But that’s why I write it. If enough people read and agree with me, then maybe some of the improbable becomes more likely. Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a world where GFY wasn’t uncommon? Where kids grew up and just fell in love rather than making sure that they hooked up with someone of opposite gender. Or, hell, why not more than one someone? I could get behind polygamy. It could probably work more often if there weren’t so many societal and cultural prohibitions against it. All you need is love, right?
I’m a hopeless romantic. Or, perhaps I’m more of a hopeful romantic. I like the idea that someone else can turn your world inside out and make it bigger and brighter than it ever could have been without them. I like thinking that another’s touch might make your insides melt and evaporate every objection you might have had. That another’s presence fills your thoughts and dreams so that you can’t think about anything else or imagine being with anyone else. I dream about the love that takes you over and won’t let you go. The love that simply cannot be denied.

Jet Mykles

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  1. I liked your musicals/GFY analogy. It really is about people's preferences, what works for them. Also, you're spot on in referring to the fact that sometimes we have a type but that's not who we actually end up with - it's the vagaries of love - and that's not true just in fiction.

  2. I’m writing about my people. The ones who plague my thoughts and won’t shut up.

    That makes so much sense to me. It's fiction and fantasy and just fun to have GFY characters :)

  3. Lovely analogy--and that's not just because I love your Heaven Sent guys, either:-)

  4. Yeah!!!!! What you said! All of it!

  5. The last paragraph says it all for me! And I love the Heaven Sent series!

  6. Hey, Jet! I love your books :) And I definitely agree with you that 'Cannot Be Denied. It’s the essence of Gay For You to me. Actually, it’s the essence of romance to me.' I feel the same way. It's why I love to read romance books so much :)

  7. Thanks for this. The world would be a better place if more people felt as you do. [But I gotta agree with your Significant Other - too many musicals are just corny in the way they break into song at the most interesting moments! ;-P ]

  8. I loved Jason and Davy from Two man team . I really liked Davy I like how he was trying to keep it casual with Jason but at the end. It just GOT him and he could not let go : )

  9. Jet,

    I've loved all of your books. But I have to say that the Heaven Sent series is my favorite. They put forth an image of love that I truly didn't think existed past your teenage years. I remember what it was like when every touch was exciting and you just couldn't control all the thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel that way again, or if I really want to.

  10. Jet,

    The way you describe it makes perfect sense to me - there's quite a bit of fantasy in your books, describing a world I'd like to live in, with larger than life individuals who may be a bit too good to be true. (I always thought that Gretchen had the best job ever!)

    One of the earliest series I remember reading in m/m was Heaven Sent (though I have equal love for Snagged and Tech Support and many of the others), and the characters you created made it all work for me. I was happy to suspend a certain amount of reality (much in the same way that I believe that the gamblers break out in song in Guys and Dolls, and that the Salvation Army girl gets the bad boy to fall in love and settle down).

    **runs to find G&D soundtrack**

  11. In today's world love is something we all need and if we can find it with someone great! Love your books, Jet.

  12. I love the escapism in GFY. I think it's WHY people read fiction. They want to escape from reality for a while.

  13. Thanks All! I'm so glad there are those out there who share my wishes for the world :)

  14. I love musical theater and I love Gay For You! (Thanks to you, I have an entire category of books on my eReader called G4U.) Thank you for pointing out for me how those two are related.

    Since I'm listing things I love, I may as well add this post.