Monday, December 3, 2012

Party Like a Caveperson

The holiday season is cuh-razy, isn’t it? Mostly, it’s an insane jumble of sugar, family fights, alcohol, shopping and—oh yeah—faith. Now, you may think these are modern conventions, and while most of them are, I’d like to remind everyone that the holidays have roots in our prehistoric past. Our “caveman” brains. Holidays are strongly tied to the seasons, after all. Let me illustrate what I mean.

Behold, the history of humans’ relationship to autumn and winter, in a nutshell:

November—We have gathered and stored all possible edible foods. We will have a (small) feast to celebrate. No worries, I’m sure there will be more food soon…

December—The sun slowly disappears. Life depends on the sun—without it, there will be no more food. Oh no! Will the sun ever come back? Just because it came back last December is no guarantee it will again. We shall huddle together in the dark, eat many of our food stores, drink the (fermented, alcoholic) juices we have set aside, and build a really big bonfire to stave off our fear. We will tell each other scary stories about impossible, mystical things to try to make sense of the unknown. Maybe, (once we’ve had a bit too much of the fermented juices) we’ll sacrifice something to placate the sun.

January—Avast, the sun! It returns! Let’s have a party to celebrate, where we will eat and drink whatever we didn’t work our way through last month. A fire might be nice, too. Then maybe a long nap, to recover from the fear and anxiety.

February—Soooo hungry, and tired of this crap. Maybe another sacrifice is in order? Oh, look! A groundhog.

In modern terms, this translates into:

November—Harvest festivals/thankfulness

December—Religious holidays (frequently with “glimmers of hope in the darkness” themes)


February—Groundhog’s Day

(Okay, so maybe February’s a bit of a reach, but I think it captures that sense of “Eh, what the hell,” that the month lends itself to.)

This year is no different, of course, except that we hope you take the time to add a little bit of Chicks & Dicks into your holiday hysteria. Take it back to basics with us—let’s talk about faith.

We recognized November in a way that captures the neolithic spirit of the month—Celebrations. We were thankful for what we’ve been given, as TJ Klune illustrated by gushing all over his fans (we’re still cleaning up from that). We celebrated plentitude, as when the Go-To Guys discussed the cornucopia that is the prostate. Last, we gave a nod to activities to get us through the long winter ahead when we offered a crochet pattern to make your own male genitalia (or an extra set).

So what, you may wonder, is the December theme for Chicks & Dicks? Well, if you guessed religion—a.k.a. faith—you’re right. We can’t promise you a comprehensive look at the issue, but we are aiming for a varied look. The focus is religion in gay romance and in the GLBT community. It’s not all bad, necessarily. Some people have positive experiences with religion and their non-traditional sexuality.

Let me take a second to warn you, December will be a light month, with fewer posts than we usually have, and some time off around Christmas itself. The holidays are just as crazy for us as anyone else, so we’re giving ourselves a little vacay.

Regardless, we expect December to be another thought-provoking month here at the blog, and we’re looking forward to having you join us. Let the festivities begin!


  1. Those are some low hanging balls (Jesus Christ!)

  2. I might have photoshopped them a little bit. Hehehe