Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Boy by Anne Tenino

Hello there! Welcome to the Good Boy blog tour. Good Boy is a short story, and the fourth volume in the Theta Alpha Gamma series, which began with the novel Frat Boy and Toppy. The happy couple in FB&T was made up of Brad and Sebastian, and in Good Boy I revisit them, giving them a more complete ending.

So, that’s the nuts and bolts of the story—let’s get on with the nuts and bolts of the tour contest. Because you know there’s a contest, right? That’s the way these things go, after all—I entice you to read the story with the promise of a prize. How does this work, you ask? Simple: read the posts, find the question I ask, and answer it by emailing (not in comments) me at anne @ annetenino .com. All correct answers will be entered into the drawing for (drumroll please) . . . one yarn penis with foreskin! (See picture if you have no clue what I’m talking about.)

For a list of all blog tour stops, you can check out Riptide’s site or look for announcements from me on social media. The contest will end October 14th at 11:59pm, Pacific time. 

Enough of that—on with the Good Boy Blog Tour.

 * * *

I’m going to take you all along with me for a ride in the wayback machine. (For the record, the “wayback machine” [WABAC machine, for reals] is a digital archive of web pages dating from 1996 to a few months ago and it’s got something ridiculous like 240 billion documents. The name originally came from Rocky and Bullwinkle’s Sherman and Mr. Peabody. As a further aside, for anyone who doesn’t realize that anything you say on the internet may be kept for posterity? Go check out the archive and type your name in the search box. Just sayin’.)

In this little time-travel adventure you’re going on with me—should you continue to read this post—we’ll be traveling to March 26th, 2012 or thereabouts, which is when the first book in the Theta Alpha Gamma series was released. Frat Boy and Toppy tells the story of Brad “Frat Boy” Feller and Sebastian “Toppy” DeWitt. Brad was a 21-year-old college guy who recognized his sexual orientation rather suddenly one morning in the locker room in the first sentence of the book. “One of Brad’s frat brothers bent over naked in the locker room showers early one Thursday morning, and he thought, ‘I’d tap that.’”

After that, Brad went ahead and—as the tagline says—let the gay life commence. For a more comprehensive overview of the book, I’ll refer you to the blurb:

Brad is great at meeting other people’s expectations. But his own? Not so much. Take the gay thing. Okay, so yeah. It took a morning meeting with a frat brother’s hairy, naked ass for him to admit it, but he knows the truth about himself now. Let the gay life commence.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. He hasn’t quite determined how to come out to anyone, even Sebastian, the geeky-hot TA in his history class. Sebastian is everything Brad is not. Intellectual, suave, hairy. Out. And he doesn’t seem interested in Brad, even when Brad makes a fool of himself trying to catch his notice.

Score one for foolery: Sebastian does more than notice Brad; he takes him to bed. Brad’s been with plenty of girls, but with Sebastian, the sex is something else entirely—hot, mind-blowing, affirming, and a little domineering in a way that drives him wild. But when great sex turns into something more—dare he admit the “L” word?—Brad must face the crushing realization that Sebastian doesn’t feel the same. Unless, of course, he does. After all, even grad students can be idiots about matters of the heart.

Now, what, you may be wondering, does this have to do with the blog tour for my current book, Good Boy? Well, Good Boy is the continuation of Brad and Sebastian’s story. In Frat Boy and Toppy, the boys get a Happy For Now ending. They were a bit young—not so much in age, since Sebastian was in his late twenties, but in relationship maturity. In Good Boy, it’s about nine months later, but they’ve both grown a lot in the relationship. What they haven’t managed to do so far is recognize and integrate this growth, and (as in most relationships) something has to happen that forces them to look at their situation and figure out what they want and need from each other. 

In a lovely twist of fate, the same boy whose hairy, naked ass provoked Brad’s
self-realization in Frat Boy and Toppy becomes the “something” that causes Brad and Sebastian to redefine and strengthen their relationship, and ultimately leads them to their Happily Ever After ending.

I’m not going to insist that Frat Boy and Toppy must be read before Good Boy can be enjoyed, but I have to be honest and say I think you’ll get a lot more out of this story if you read FB&T first. And, of course, there are two other books in the series, plus one more story coming along next spring. If you want details on those books? I recommend you check out the rest of the Good Boy blog tour, or visit my website

Happy reading!

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Raised on a steady media diet of Monty Python, classical music and the visual arts, Anne Tenino rocked the mental health world when she was the first patient diagnosed with Compulsive Romantic Disorder. Since that day, Anne has taken on conquering the M/M world through therapeutic writing. Finding out who those guys having sex in her head are and what to do with them has been extremely liberating.

Wondering what Anne does in her spare time? Mostly she lies on the couch, eats bonbons and shirks housework.

Check out what Anne’s up to now by visiting her site, following her on Twitter, or seeing what she’s up to on Facebook.


  1. Great post Anne - and congrats on the new release ;-)

  2. Thank you, Morticia! :-) Are you coming to the January social thing? Not that there are many more details about it other than it's in January.

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