About This Blog

Chicks & Dicks is about Gay Romance. Or possibly M/M Erotica. Or maybe the Gay Romance-M/M Erotica spectrum. We are definitily somewhere in Gay Romancelandia, but where exactly at any given time isn't entirely predictable.

We're here to entertain and inform. We're also here to promote our work and the work of other authors. We aren't here to review books, so please don't ask. If you send us free copies of your books hoping for a review, we'll keep them. We may read them, but we won't review them. This is a site built by authors and readers, and while we have a lot of experience, opinions and ideas, we aren't going to pass judgement on our peers' endeavors.

Chicks & Dicks is a hate-free, all-inclusive site. If you are a jerk, prepare to be banned. Arguments are fine. Insults are not.

If you have any questions, please contact us at thesmexposse@gmail.com.